Saturday, August 21, 2010

Change to the Grading format.

After having a meeting with Grand Master Lee last week, I'm happy to announce that Mr Lee has authorised me to grade all coloured belts at the AMAA in the future. People grading to black belt will still do their grading in front of Mr Lee. If you want to grade please make sure the following requirements are met, 1) That you have done the required 20 lessons before the grading, 2) That you have done and passed the pre - grading test, 3) That you have a uniform that is clean, ironed and all the patches are attached in the correct spots, 4) That you have filled out a grading form and paid for the grading preferably before the grading, 5) That you have a grading syllabus sheet, 6) For all coloured belts make sure you have your grading cards on the night of the grading, 7) Remember to study the club rules as you will be asked to quote 3 club rules in the grading.